Olympus Managed Health Care began operations in 1994, and was a pioneer in the development of network management solutions for international health care payors. From that foundation, Olympus has evolved into a leading provider of international health care claims administration and cost management services, utilizing both traditional services and unique solutions.

A strong partnership with international insurers, TPA’s, assistance companies, and foreign government agencies has allowed Olympus to effectively control costs and assist individuals who travel abroad for medical care. For our Payor and Provider clients, key alliances and affiliations help Olympus deliver comprehensive solutions to managing health care costs while adding value to its clients’ products.

Today, Olympus has established a network of premier health care providers that include over 5,000 hospitals and 500,000 doctors and other medical care providers. Our services are offered to millions of individuals by over 95 clients in more than 30 countries.

As one of the few remaining independent companies in the industry, Olympus is proud to be 100% owned by an active management team.

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