Olympus’s multi-tier technology platform is designed to allow for any size portfolio.

We have invested in enterprise class systems with long term growth designed into the architecture. The investment we have made in our technology platform has allowed Olympus to rapidly grow the business and to quickly board any size client with minimal additional hardware.



Olympus has implemented a rigorous set of standard operating procedures designed to provide our clients with the requisite privacy and security necessary to achieve the trust and confidence of our clients.

Our systems are deployed using thin client technology with no client data stored on workstations or laptops. Server access is controlled and monitored to safeguard against intrusion. We adhere to HIPPA guildelines and we take these activities seriously and seek to provide fair and secure systems for the appropriate handling of private information. You can depend on Olympus to make sure your sensitive data will not be compromised.


In order to ensure that our systems will be available under any circumstance Olympus has implemented a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution that utilizes the most current hardware level snapshot and replication technologies.

All production data is incrementally copied, encrypted, and replicated to geographically dispersed data centers. All servers are proactively monitored and maintained to maximize availability. Servers can be restored to virtual or physical instances with the most current transactions providing our clients with the peace of mind that our operations will be able to function in spite of unforeseen events.



Olympus has experience implementing multiple interfaces with multiple trading partners.

We have data integration experts on staff focusing on the communication requirements needed by all our clients, networks, and affiliates. We offer a variety of mechanisms for data interoperability with the ability to handle ANSI Standard X12 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and custom XML documents depending upon the technical preference of the client. We have also re-created existing interfaces to our client’s specifications to seamlessly replace existing connections when necessary.


Olympus technology delivers clear and consistent access to our client’s data through our web portal.

This powerful tool provides our clients a centralized location where they can access all of their claim information detail. The portal is connected directly to our claims processing and customer relationship managment systems which provides our clients with the same level of detail our staff has on any claim or member.



All of Olympus’ technology components are focused on delivering customer value and operational efficiencies.

We have long and extensive experience in the industry, having made significant investments in both software and hardware that is focused on implementing our time tested business processes with the most efficiency. Our technology department exists solely to support operations, which in turn is focused on providing value for our most important assets, our clients.