We’re very pleased to announce that Olympus and its associated companies have been fully acquired by Global Excel Management Inc

30 Jun 2015

Dear Clients,

We wanted to let you know of some significant news at Olympus Managed Healthcare Inc. We’re very pleased to announce that Olympus, and its associated companies, Olympus Healthcare Solutions SA Mexico, ChoiceNet International and Healthcare Concierge Services, have been fully acquired by Global Excel Management Inc.

The rationale behind this significant sale was very simple: both organizations felt that the synergies experienced with this fusion will bring benefits to all our clients.

Steven W. Jacobson, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Olympus put it this way, “The only way we would consider a sale was upon the condition that the buyer would need to be in a position and have the ability to continue, not only the aggressive growth, but also sustain the values we had created. Ultimately it was in a key competitor that we found the capacity and drive that would satisfy these significant conditions. The combination of our network management, our strength in the destination and expat markets and our position as market leader in Latin America market along with Global Excel’s history of experience in complementary skills and markets, made it evident they were an ideal purchaser.” He concluded that, “I am confident and pleased that we have been acquired by a company who will ensure the legacy of Olympus continues for its clients and employees.”

Looking toward the future, Reg Allatt, CEO of Global Excel said, “Olympus was a very natural fit for Global Excel. Each organization has strengths which will complement each other perfectly. I’m very pleased that the response from the management and staff from each group has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re very confident that together we’ll be able to provide significant added value to existing and new clients. We were honored that Olympus, CNI and HCS trusted our reputation for being client oriented, innovative and performance focused.”

What was very important to both organizations is that our clients understand that nothing changes for you today. Your contacts remain the same and it will be business as usual at both organizations. As always both teams remain committed to providing the highest level of service to our respective clients. Over time we’ll be focusing on identifying those synergies which will bring added value to existing clients and allow both Olympus and Global Excel to extend their service offering to new markets and clients.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative.